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From Here to There

I, the commuter, enjoy a safe, comfortable, relaxed, reliable, easy accessible, and affordable journey by using public transport to get from here to there, whenever I need to. I do not have to worry about acquiring and maintaining my own … Read More

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APTMS Summit 2017 – 22 and 23 June 2017 – Johannesburg South Africa

As an industry, whether a transport authority, bus operating organization, system and equipment provider, transport consultant, or other stakeholder, together, at our APTMS Discovery Summit 2016, we created a solid foundation as we explored and discovered new perspectives on Intelligent … Read More

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Peer to peer learning

Where did it all start? Humanity has come a long way since the discovery of the wheel, the first fixed wheels on carts around 3500BC and the first horse-drawn bus operations in the 1820’s. We now live in a world … Read More

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Where it is all happening…

We all play a central part in history of the world, no matter what role we fulfill.  We are excited that we now have the opportunity to actively shape and strengthen the Public Transport landscape in the Sub-Sahara region according … Read More

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