African Public Transport Management Society

Growing and strengthening the public transport industry on the African continent.

Our Objective

Public Transport is key to the development of our economies, transformation of socioeconomic issues, maintenance of our road infrastructures and climate change. The objective of the African Public Transport Management Society is to explore new perspectives, to share knowledge, wisdom and insights gained, so that we can grow and strengthen the knowledge base and public transport industry on the continent, and can attract both talent and commuters.

In 2016

We created and established an interactive, dynamic, sustainable and easy accessible knowledge sharing platform where participants can directly benefit from experiences shared and where they had the opportunity to actively join the conversation. Together we now learn and gain value from our diverse experiences, think differently, be innovative and co-envision localized, affordable, cost effective and reliable approaches that serve our communities.

In 2017

‘Step by step we move forward’, participants were supported and inspired by case studies from across the continent where organizations shared their experiences, insights,ideas, learnings, and wisdom obtained on their journeys. Interesting Panel Discussions opened the floor for innovative and creative thinking. Interactive Discussions form the basis of our Summits, where everyone can contribute and participate actively in shaping the industry in a meaningful and prosperous manner.

In 2019

In 2019 we will be Setting the Tone. We take the foundation, momentum and relationships cultivated in the preceding years to the next level with a meaningful call to action. We enthusiastically set the tone for the industry as 2020 fast approaches. Visionary, practical and proactive action enables us to be prepared and mobilized to address the needs of our commuters and for opportunities arising in the new decade.

What can be expected for the upcoming Summit?

We are very excited about progressing from sharing knowledge in 2016 to sharing experiences and stories in 2017 to a call for informed, relevant, appropriate, practical,focused, aligned, synchronized, and purposeful action in 2019 through our interactive Generative Action Circles, wherein all delegates participate and contribute. Each Generative Action Circle will have 30 minutes to explore an action-based theme and to lead the bigger group in an interactive, participatory and meaningful 90 minute session. The intention is to incite and inspire practical, involved, committed and meaningful activities to lead the industry to the next level in 2019 in preparation of the new decade. Led by two Industry Leaders, each Generative Action Circle consists of 10 delegates. Each delegate receives an empowering action-based role to fulfill within the circle, during the 90 minute bigger group session, and thereafter in the industry and within their specific environments. The African Public Transport Society is a safe, prolific and innovative platform and forum to practice the outflowing actions decided upon during the Summit, to strengthen abilities and to cultivate meaningful empowering and supportive relationships. Our confirmed Key Note Speaker is Dr. Desmond Amiegbebhor, Director Bus Services, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) in Nigeria, opening our prestigious event with ‘Setting the Tone’.

Our themes for the 2019 Summit

My role

Setting the Tone for a Thriving Industry

Trusting our decisions

What will happen when we trust our decisions

Knowledge to action

From acquiring knowledge to purposeful action


Building on that which is strong


Becoming more agile, responsive and attentive

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