From Here to There

I, the commuter, enjoy a safe, comfortable, relaxed, reliable, easy accessible, and affordable journey by using public transport to get from here to there, whenever I need to. I do not have to worry about acquiring and maintaining my own vehicle, have no frustrations that traffic cause, and can enjoy the trip. I can easily plan my trip and trust I will be where I need to be in time. I feel safe at all times and am content because my trips are affordable. I reach my destination in a relaxed, happy and satisfied manner; I am taken care of.

I am much more productive, engaging and have plenty time to reflect and relax after a day’s work without having to stress about traffic or worries to maintain my own vehicle.

In order to make such a trip happen, much must happen in the background.

Like with everything in life, someone gets an idea to improve life or to make life better. For this idea to become a reality, we need to look on a high level to see what is needed to make this happen and run smoothly.  ( Resources – people, approaches, systems, technology, processes, materials, equipment, etc.)  We strategize and plan. Then we need to come up with a detailed plan to guide us along the way. Someone must manage this process and also monitor how we are doing along the way. Only then can we start to make, create or execute our plan to bring our innovative idea into being.

Advanced Public Transport Management Systems, Strategies and Approaches, work in much the same way. For a commuter to have a satisfying journey, a dedicated, enthused, and capable team and an APTMS backbone are required.

What do we have?

The idea/concept to provide a safe, reliable and affordable journey to commuters

What do we need to make this work:

Careful Planning is required and many considerations need to be taken into account

Decide what routes will benefit our commuters in the most cost effective way – our most optimal Route Network

Where to have Stops and Stopping Points

Realistic Travel Time between Stops

Where interchanges will occur

What is the commuter demand

Creating Timetables to satisfy commuter demand

Scheduling Vehicles and Drivers to fulfill this commuter demand

Decide how many vehicles we need per day to fulfill our Timetables

Decide on shifts ( blocks) to fulfill our Timetables

When and where to have Driver relief points

Considering constraints when scheduling duties

How can we optimize our Drivers and Vehicles cost effectively

Now we are ready to Dispatch Vehicles and Drivers to fulfill our Schedules


We need vehicles with On-Board Computers and an Automated Fair Collections System ( no need to carry cash around) to make a reliable, safe and affordable journey possible


our commuters need to be able to plan their ride online and on their mobile phones, and know where to board buses ( maps and  time schedules –Journey Planner)

and our commuters needs easy access to schedule information at stations and along the route ( Passenger Information Display Units)


for a safe journey, we need reliable on-board ( mobile) and fixed surveillance systems along the route and at stations


to ensure traffic flow, we need an Urban Traffic Control System to ensure we can adhere to our schedules

How can we see how we are doing?

In order to provide an improved and optimized service, we need to monitor and evaluate how we are doing.

A Schedule Adherence System where we can track and monitor vehicles real time assists us in this process.

Such a system is managed from a Control Center where the control center operators can communicate directly with each driver via the integrated On Board Computer System on the bus, to Station Staff at the Stations, to the Bus Depot staff  and to Commuters on the bus and at the stations when necessary through a Public Announcement System.

How can we improve our service in an optimal and cost effective way?

To be able to provide a continuous safe, reliable and affordable journey, we need to leverage and use the information we receive from the integrated Advanced Transport Management System.  The Reporting System gives us feedback so we can optimize and improve our service. In this way we can provide the most cost effective, affordable and reliable service to our commuters.

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