APTMS Summit 2017 – 22 and 23 June 2017 – Johannesburg South Africa

As an industry, whether a transport authority, bus operating organization, system and equipment provider, transport consultant, or other stakeholder, together, at our APTMS Discovery Summit 2016, we created a solid foundation as we explored and discovered new perspectives on Intelligent Public Transport strategies, plans, processes, interventions, and implementations.

It became unanimously evident that the life-force that will grow, prosper and sustain the industry resides in sharing knowledge, experiences, ideas, insights, challenges, and learnings.

Fostering innovation to drive cost down and to attract commuters and talent is just as vital and important, whilst strategies to customise and localise solutions are non-negotiable in our unique environment. Synchronised, aligned effort and cost-effective practical integration and efficiency ranked high on the current requirements to ensure ALL stakeholders thrive and do not only survive.

Harness Public Transport and join us at this prestigious event on 22 and 23 June 2017 at the beautiful Midrand Conference Center in Midrand.

Step by Step we Move Forward

Elaborating and building on these themes, our APTMS Summit 2017 promises to share even more opportunities for knowledge sharing, exploration, collaboration, innovation, value, congeniality, and support.

This year, amongst other exciting possibilities, a special platform has been created to ensure that participants from remote regions across the continent can participate with ease and joy.

Besides riveting topics we are grateful to announce Case Studies from across the continent where organizations will share their experiences, insights, ideas, learnings, and wisdom obtained on their journeys.

Key-note – The Journey – Step by step we move forward – An African Success Story

Special Guest Appearance- Thinking Big with a reasonable Budget – An African Success Story

Inspirational Guest Appearance – The Journey up the Mountain – A true African Story of endurance and vision

Specialist Guest Appearance – The difference between tracking and monitoring?

Specialist Guest Appearance – The devil is in the detail; and this time around it is a blessing

Sharing our Journeys – 3 Cities from across the Continent sharing their experiences relating to Scheduling, Fare Collection, and Schedule Adherence and Bus Monitoring

Interesting Panel Discussions raises relevant questions and explores the impact of new perspectives whilst sharing real time experiences and insights:

Why is it important to schedule according to demand?

What are the best ways to handle and reduce fare evasion?

The impact of driver behaviour, scheduling and tracking on cost management in bus operations

What happens when you do not track your buses?

How can marketing be leveraged to increase passenger education and uptake?

Interactive Discussions stimulates innovative and creative thinking, and inspires participation and collaborative sense-making of what is currently happening in the industry.

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